Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mari belajar BIOLOGY dengan e-ra lagi !!

hasil karya; E-ra paSha pada 5:52 PM
selamat petang semua..
korang ingat lagi x? dulu e-ra selalu buat entry pasal biology kan??
haha ok3..
memandngkan esok e-ra nak trial paper biology..
so..ari ni e-ra nak kongsikan dengan korang semua ilmu serba sedikit tentang ape yang e-ra belajar dalam biology..
so same2 lah kite belajar ye..

ok tajuk yang kite akan belajar pada hari ini ialah..

a monthly reproductive cycle in a female
-consists of 4 stages:
(i) menstruation
(ii) follicle development
(iii) ovulation
(iv) thickening of endometrium

Hormones Produced
-FSH -- stimulates follicle development
-LH -- ovulation,growth of follicle , corpus luteum formation , oestrogen & progestetrone releases

Day 1 -5 

Day 5 - 12
FSH increases when release of new follicle
Oestrogen start increases slowly,repairing the endometrium
progesterone decreases
LH only secretes on Day 12

Day 14
LH reaches the peak LH

Day 14
corpus luteum formed

Day 15-21
Progestrone increases , preparing for implantation
inhibit FSH & LH (no folllicle development)

Day 22-28
(a) If fertilisation occurs , progesterone level is remaning high (PREGNANT or MENGANDUNG)

(b) No fertilisation leads to 2nd menstrual cycle.


-each ovary is connected to Fallopian tube / oviduct

-the funnel- like opening of the tube is called frimbriae due to the finger-like structure

-this feathery fringe is lined with cilia , which collect the ovum when it is released from ovary

-oviducts open into the uterus/womb

-uterus is a muscular wall with 5cm wide and 8cm long

-consists of smooth muscle (myometrium) and lining wall aka endometrium

-cervix, a ring of muscle

-vagina,opening of the vulva (muscular tube)

-vulva,opens to the outside of the body

-the vulva consists of two folds of skin , the labia majora & labia minora

-enclosed within the labia is the small erectile tissue called clitoris (equivalent to the penis)

-sensitive and swell with blood when sexually stimulated

Vagina fluid can kill sperms if there is no semen from the penis during sexual intercourse.
Testosterone , sex hormone produced by testes.
Gonad is the reproductiove organ which is testis for male and ovary for female.

Vas deferens is sperm duct.
Epididymis connnects to a sperm duct called the as deferens.

Male Reproductive System
-each testis is an oval shape,about 5cm long
-each testis is divided up to many compartments called lobules
-each lobules contains a number of tightly coiled tubes called semiferous tubules
-within semiferous tubules , it contains sertoli & interstitial cells
-semiferous tubules are lined up with germinal epithelial cells,where gametogenesis (spermatogeneseis) takes places
-semen is fluid contain alkaline fluid , lubricant and nutritive substances together with sperms

oleh sebab e-ra belajar biology dalam bahasa inggeris..
so e-ra bagi yang bahasa inggeris lah ye..
bagi yang x paham..
boleh guna khidmat pakcik GOOGLE TRANSLATE ye..

ok lah..
e-ra nak study tajuk2 lain pulak..
wish me luck ye untuk paper bio esok..
semoge ape yang e-ra kongsikan ni..
dapat menambah pengetahuan sedia ade korang ~

2 000 orang nak tahu rahsie e-ra:

sherotpetot on September 14, 2011 at 6:53 PM said...

sherot ta suka bio..
naik f5 trus drop bio. HEEE

nway gudluck ya dear;p

kambeng.karbonat on September 14, 2011 at 7:19 PM said...

uit, bla masa jd lecterer bio lak ni? hehe

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